Pros and cons of marriage with a foreigner

  • It is undeniable that some women  want to marry only  a foreigner. That’s all. They do not even think about other variants. Someone is against, another one supports these women, but let's look at the situation calmly and reasonably, and try to identify positive and negative aspects of marriage with a foreigner.


    Why do Ukrainian and Russian women tend to marriages with foreigners?

    There is no doubt that  one of the main reasons why many women dream of marrying with a foreigner is their character. The fact is that in practice, the mentality of foreign men is a little bit different from the mentality of our men. Foreigners’ inherent spiritual qualities are glamor, tenderness, sensuality and comfort. All these qualities we want to get from the man we love.

    The standard of living abroad is much higher than ours. It is a fact, though, the sad fact. A lot of women have plans for marriage with a foreigner only because they want to leave the country, they don’t like. Everyone knows that the standard of living, quality of education and medicine in the West is much higher. Women dream that they will be taken away by their foreign prince in distant countries, where there is no vulgarity and lack of culture.

    High income of foreigners can also be one of the reasons that many women dream of such marriage. It can be termed as self-interest, and the fact that she just wants to have a nice family, where the husband earns enough to provide a comfortable life.

    Bad attitude toward their country, or a simple desire to leave it, pushes our women to marriages with foreigners. After the marriage her dreams will be fulfilled. For the same reason can be that new emotions in the form of dialogue with a person of another culture, and climate change, respectively.

    And so, your dream has come true, and you meet a foreigner. Wedding is soon. For what it is important to be prepared, if she agrees to marry a foreigner, and decided to move to his country?


    Negative aspects of marriages with foreigners

    The first thing you have to be ready is that another country is another life. There are completely different laws and regulations that must be followed. As long as you do not get the citizenship of the country, home to your husband, you do not have full rights.

    To get a job, you will need to learn the official language of this country, and also to get a residence permit and citizenship. It is necessary to pass the exams for getting  the citizenship

    Customs and religion are the pitfalls of marriage with a foreigner. Usually, way of life in the West is very different from that to which we are accustomed to, so be prepared for the fact that you have to remake your thinking. Most of the foreign brides have also  a different religion, and it can become a stumbling block.

    Strangely enough, but the children can be a negative side in such marriage. After all, if you give birth to a child by  husband on the territory of his residence, your child will be a citizen of this country. In  case of a divorce, you can not take the child to your homeland, as the court usually leaves these children in the care of their fathers. What could be worse for a mother than parting with the child?

    Do you think that marriage and moving to a new country is the culmination of marriage with a foreigner? No. Indeed, in this case, you also need to be prepared for the fact that in a year or any time a foreigner may change, and not only for the better. It can showed those vices which he carefully concealed before the wedding. If at home you can just go to the mother or friends, here you will likely not get any help.


    Dear gentlemen, what do you think about these ideas? Is it the truth?





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