• How to understand this  person to be your destiny? This question is asked by people from the emergence in this world. Life sends us tests, events and meetings. In other words, destiny signs. We pay attention to some, and we pass others by. How to recognize them?


    Destiny signs and how they influence us

    Everything that happens to us and our mortal life is with an ulterior motive. Every day we meet mass of people on the way to work, study, in shop and even in the elevator. We should never meet many of them anymore, and some, on the contrary, come to our life and remain there for long time or even forever. How to understand that the person is sent us by destiny? People who have to become fatal for us appear when we expect it least of all. Rather incidentally. It occurs during this period when our emotional background is  in the raised, or lowered state.

    Therefore we attract such people in our life. These people may be the ones we knew before and experienced them in different places: on the street, at the entrance, in the house next door or in the company of friends. In addition, they may be those with whom we were friends, met and then parted for a while. But most often they are the people who we meet for the first time in my life.

    These people appear in our life either at joyful, or at sad events. They are destined to comfort us in sorrow, or to rejoice with us in happiness. And when such a person comes into our lives, we have the impression that knew him a very long time. The relationship with such a person develops very easily and harmoniously, and rapidly.

    After a while we realize that this person is irreplaceable for us, and all our thoughts and dreams are connected only with him. You can’t leave with each other

    The destiny can bring us together  with people who we knew close earlier or we were familiar slightly, but under different circumstances left. Such people appeared in our life also incidentally, as well as disappeared. The destiny gives them the second chance to remain in our life. They come to us without old offenses and with pleasant and good memories of the past.


    Signs this person to be your destiny

    Any acts and actions of this person are easy and clear. There is no innuendo and embarrassment between you. To communicate with him is easy and free. There are no discomfort and constraint. The person who is your destiny doesn't give a reason to doubt the acts and feelings. He  is sincere, he has nothing to hide. He doesn't hurt neither physical, nor moral. It is ready to give help and support absolutely gratuitously.

    It is always interesting to speak with him and also comfortable to keep silence.

    There is no feeling that it is necessary to look for subjects for conversation and to be at loss for words for communication.

    Community of interests is one more sign of that your person is near you.

    He  completely shares your hobbies. He can give good advice, share experience or even to become the mentor. Someone of your friends will surely tell “ it is your person.”


    Signs that you are engaged in self-deception

    It happens when we allocate the person with qualities which he doesn't possess. And then we begin to invent to ourselves pictures which don't correspond to a real image of the person at all.


    1. His interest has either material or physical character. It means that all  interests are only in using your social or material status, or having intim relations.

    2. This person is not interested in your hobbies, life at all.

    3. The offered help isn't gratuitous, for it he will ask to render him service or to pay money for it.

    4. Conversation always transfers to himself  and isn't going to participate in conversation on you at all.

    5. The word "responsibility" is like  alien for this person. Most likely, he will prefer the superficial, noncommittal relations.

    6. He  also has no need to let you in his life. Particular, to acquaint with parents, friends, fellow workers.

    7.He doesn't look for meetings, and, on the contrary, he is ready for  communication only when it is necessary personally for him.

    8. Most often makes false promises which either isn't going to carry out or carries out, but not in full and at the wrong time.


    It is considered to be that each of us is capable to feel the person heart. But also heart can be mistaken. Therefore if you actually want to understand, is this person a destiny for you– be objective. Be not engaged in self-deception. Don't try to indulge in wishful thinking. Don't force an event. Attentively look narrowly at the person, study him and don't act rashly.

    Think: do you need this person?