How to begin a conversation with the man on a dating site? And

  • You have heard happy stories of acquaintances on the date sites many times, but you don't know how to begin conversation with the lovely candidate… Let's try together! We begin …


    "Are you really fond of …?"

    If you ask about man’s interests,  it can awaken his interest in you. Study his profile and start conversation on the basis of those data which he specified, for example: "Do  you really dance salsa? That's great!". Or: "Have you really spent holidays  in Vietnam? It is my dream!". You show that you have something common and he will want to strike you even stronger.

    Really easy, isn't it?


     "I don't know whether weare right for each other, but I was simply obliged to write you, both of us love …".

    Men feel more comfortably and openly, knowing that their interlocutor shares their hobby for a certain group / book / dish. The phrase "I don't know whether we suit one another" you latently throw a challenge: let’s prove that we can really be a good couple, and he will try to please you.


     "Well, N, will we finally talk or admire photos of each other all day?"

    So you will put business in motion, you will bring a little ease and carelessness in conversation. Most of men only look for an occasion to start talking to you, and here you give him this chance. The fact that you call him by name does the address more personal, and he will rather respond to such message.


    "This [jacket / glasses/ suit] on your photo..."

    You will awake interest in him and he will ask: "What do you mean?" And you will answer: "They are stylish and you are very handsome!"

    Here we considered several phrases which will interest him to continue your conversation)


    The good person it is always important … but such immodest question … "How to understand that he is a good lover?" Is it also important? If it interested you, you can continue to read further …)


    He  is self-assured

    It is necessary to distinguish between self-confidence and self-assurance. If the person knows the strengths and actively uses them if he isn't afraid to get into a ridiculous situation or to express his point of view, then for certain he is self-assured. And “daffodils” behave somewhat differently: they speak only about themselves, and don't allow any objections. However, man with many complexes won't please you in a bed too: he will wait for an initiative from you, hesitate of the imaginary or real shortcomings. While the self-assured man precisely knows: even if he  is incidentally  mistaken, he will correct the situation.


    He knows how to listen

    If you have a limited man who is interested in a purely physiological process, it will be indifferent for him to know your opinion, your interests and tastes. Most likely, in a bed he is also limited by a technical aspect of sex and he is selfish. If the person is able to listen to you, asks a question, is interested in your opinion, then such partner will aspire not only to get a pleasure, but also bring it  to you.


    He's a good kisser

    If the person, having reached a certain age, didn't learn how to kiss, well it means that he has not enough experience of communication with women. Agree, the thirty-year-old virgin is strange at least! However, it can turn out  that the list of women is rather long, but he kisses  unpleasant. What does it speak about? Kisses are a way to express the tenderness to the woman, to show that she is desired. Perhaps, your potential partner never wanted to be gentle with partners.


    He touches you using every opportunity

    Estimate: are touches  pleasant for you? If so, then it is the first sign that  you don’t lose time with this person. The desire of tactile contact with the woman says that he is really interested in you.