Do Not Run After Love Because This Does Not Make Sense...

  • Any lonely human considers that his sacred duty is to find the other half, and live with her (him) happily ever after. It happened in the world, and this is human nature — innate instincts. But let's look at the situation from a different angle, or I would have called it "everything has its entire time."


    People cannot chase dreams forever, especially in cases where it is impossible to have a decent relationship and live roughly a full life (assuming all aspects of human needs). It is necessary to relax. My advice to all "fornicators", "Relax and enjoy the freedom." Take a note the fact (an indisputable fact, by the way) that loneliness is not always a bad thing. No, I did not tune to the mode of the single regime, I just want to inform that till you alone, you are the "own boss."


    The relationship is a responsibility. A tremendous responsibility. I am talking about lifestyle, routine, grinding, etc. Perhaps, until you are not ready, your lifeguards you on the burden that you will not be able to pull to enjoy it to the fullest. Often I hear the phrase, "Your will never leave you ", but will leave! Or, "If you love, then let go", which means that you never loved if released! Or, on the contrary, "If you love someone, then hold this person until there is strength", yeah, of course, and become engaged in a self-flagellation for the sake of yourself or (conditionally) violence under your partner.


    All this lyrics is devoid of all common sense because in the relationships where there is to be such a dictum is something wrong. Yes, we must try to build relationships, and I'm not even against of the individual victims for the sake of a loved one, but as practice shows, “when misfortune strikes, it strikes the weakest part.”


    Once my granny told me a long ago, "Love should be calm and without hysteria." All these teenage, mental, anguish influences only one thing – a successful undermining of the nervous system.


    According to the legend, that before the time of the Earth, the planet inhabited 4-handed, 4-legged, 2-head creatures, but the gods were jealous of their power, and divided them into two parts (from now on we are engaged in search of the destiny / the missing organism). So, in principle, all goes according to the plan. :)


    You can search for your love with fire at the daytime (or go to the clubs, restaurants, meet on the Internet and do a whole slew of extra body movements), but it is worth it? Sure, there is a fact that people in most cases meet each other such ways, and they have something turns out, and even build families who have the classical scenario. If there is understanding in the family, peace and grace, then such relationships can stand the test on the long durability in a lifetime. Or if the family starts misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts, then these characters will not stand each other or, well, will be trying to reach the "golden wedding" with reluctant teeth.


    And yet I, as an ardent representative of fatalism, supporting the philosophy of the "to all the will of the case." Until now, no one is better than Life itself could not cope with the role of "creator of destiny." There were a lot of incredible stories when the husband met his wife on the chamomile field (and was supposed to be at that time at a business meeting in Pittsburgh or Yorkshire). Or woman crashed the bike in the kick scooter of her future husband when they were 7 years old, but then they met by chance 21 years later. And this is not a complete list of incredible stories. All my friends who have developed a real relationship (knocking on the wood) met in some non-standard conditions.


    Well, listen, and how before it was? There were no all of these internets, mobiles, selfie, and other joys of life, and somehow people found each other. A brave soldier went to his "Dulcinea" in the village of "Plushkino" to the most distant locality "Funny firewood" and everyone was happy! Yes, of course, you can be sure that there is somewhere out there is your ideal man. Imperfect for the entire world (with crooked teeth, slanting eyes and a disgusting character), but the best and most suitable your favorite and only yours.


    Previously, I thought: "Well, how? How you can go and meet, so to speak, the “hero of the century” at a crosswalk or just standing in line for bread? " So, boys and girls, I give you a guarantee that your beloved is right now in the elevator shaft, or sleeping under the bench, or cleaning the floor with a toothbrush, or digging a pit in a cemetery (not for himself, – that’s his job), and you will find him at 12 a.m. sharp in the hayloft for a big and bright love! :)