How to Please a Foreign Girl

  • I will begin immediately with the answer to the question "How to please a foreign girl?", so you should do it tn the same way as to any other person. Now, in more detail. Let's go.

    We are All Humans
    To gain people when meeting or in the ordinary course of life, I advise you not to try to follow the rule "the steeper, the better." There is a simple law of life, and it reads as follows, "Simplicity is the key to geniality."
    Stay people under any circumstances. Do not try to invent what does not exist, or to look better than you are. Nobody likes mannered and inspirational guys. Even me. :) I am attracted to particular people with everyday problems and the most common way of life — not "the Galapagos Islands - a pocket dog - saving polar bears from extinction", but "tariffs for utilities - time to go to sleep - cool new dandruff shampoo on the campaign discounts". Life is not only the continuous fireworks and never-ending celebration. Couples are daily confronted with the simplest tasks that require constant participatory and timely decision-making. Believe me, the theme of "terry socks" brings closer to each other than the issue of "relevance of the brand watches from Ulysse Nardin».


    If communication flows in the "let's see you online", then:
    - I congratulate you — your second half is interested in you;
    - You are going to the new stage of relationships.
    Therefore, I beg you, take the time out to have a good look at the camera. After all, it is (even digital), but a date. Now, everyone sit on the Internet, there is a globalization; and being at a distance, the opportunity to meet in the live mode is great. You fold a definite impression that will have a much bigger impact than writing correspondence.


    Telephone Conversations
    Personally, I prefer the phone more than "sitting like a soldier on a camera."
    On the phone, everyone can feel uninhibited — there is no need to think of the appearance (you have a nice look in any case). Hear the voice of a loved one at any time of the day in a uniquely enjoyable, and in telephone conversations lies its secret romance.
    There is a notion of "a habit on the phone to a person." Constantly talking in this mode, the pattern of such a conversation can appear. At first, it will be a series of formal dialogues. Over the time, if you do not return the call promptly at 7 p.m. (as is usually the case), or you do not give the answer at 9 p.m., there is happens a so called, "the imbalance in the universe," roughly speaking. Take care your "phone buddy".


    Live Meeting
    Here it's hard to follow some rules. Everything is individual. However, I can give you a couple of tips:
    - Naturality. I often emphasize this phenomenon. Being natural is the key to success. You should be loved not for what you seem, but for what you are indeed.
    - Sincerity. Not to be confused with "debauchery." Sincere people emit unique energy and charm. With cheats, no one wants to deal.
    - Care in moderation. There is an interesting observation: if you have an excessive concern, it will look unnatural, that contradict the "rule number one." Come to the conclusion that all people are selfish. Therefore, when the natural selfish includes "self-sacrificing" mode, it is, at least, disingenuous. To post a hand is usually a sign of decency and caring, but lie in the pool, so you have walked on the dry surface - it will be a little weird.
    - Humor. From a pair of good jokes, no one has died. There is a nuance as also. If your jokes are 100% successful, and they are relevant to the topic and actual, defuse the situation. Smile has healing properties. But if your humor is quite specific, I advise you to hide it until retirement or experiment on strangers. According to the level / quality of humor, you can judge the intelligence of the interlocutor. Do not show yourself in a bad light. If you have other strengths, demonstrate them and let your mother be proud of you! 