Why Slavic Girls are Better

  • I understand that if you don't praise yourself, then nobody will praise. But it is not even about the recharged "alter ego." World already recognized the fact that women of Slavic origin are different from the "foreign ladies." In this post, we will look at all the features of the greatest one of the most beautiful half of humanity.

    This fact is obvious, so I put it in the first place. This trend has developed historically. When the West burned their "witches" because of their attractiveness, our girls full of lovely rosy cheeks were engaged in subsistence farming in the fresh air. The beauty of our women swept through the centuries, passing from the generation to generation. Slavic beauties (in a stunning majority) do not need liposuction, hyaluronic acid, silicone, and boteks. These girls already look decent. Moreover, our representatives are very well maintained and tidy. Out of the respect for their men, they will give for a beautiful manicure their last shirt.


    People can be divided into two categories: "human - real" and "human - artificial." So, our girls are "real" in the best sense of the word. They can understand, forgive and support the greatest folly. For any Slavic girl, it is important a human relation, and they demand respect. Is a reliable and open-hearted partner, with a steel shutter and fine mental structure - a sort of a complex organization as a "mixture of camomile with the Milky Way." Can you understand me? :)

    Oh, well, I can even write a memo on the subject of intelligence of our women. They are strategies. With that, not simple, but from Lord. Women who manage to cook dinner simultaneously, clean the house, take care of children, build a career, and look like from the cover of gloss, should have a healthy mind indeed. In these beautiful crania, behind those cute faces, the real geniuses are hidden, who capable of designing a plan of a complex nuclear power plant, ending with skills of a chess grandmaster.


    The Best Hostesses
    To prepare a dish of any level of complexity, any food, by any technology (from molecular to the micro-kitchen), our women can overcome easily. And again, we are born with the skills of the chefs, as it was developed historically. Do you remember how in the West that "witches" were burned? So, our rosy-cheeked beauties, when were handling over the good old natural economy, baked bread and cakes, cooked soups, sculpted dumplings, and prepared meats of all the variations. Slavic ladies can do anything!


    Great Moms
    What man does not dream that one day his favorite wife will give him an heir? Well, maybe, some sick or immature boy. So, our sweet girls not only give birth to healthy heroes and princesses but educate them in the best traditions. Our moms are very responsible and loving. They give as much as possible the positive features for their babies to grow good people who respect their parents and revere family ties.


    Strength of the Spirit
    - Who is the most patient? Slavic!
    - Who is the unique? Slavic!
    - Who has an iron shutter speed? Slavic! :)
    "The horse at full gallop, and a burning hut" - this is the last century. Our modern women are so much to adapted to the aggressive environment that can turn a burning house on one little finger, and stop the horse with just one look. :)
    Our women are (for the most part) are severe to the die-hard. We never give up, we will not throw our people, we have a generous and proud of own origins. We love this life. We value what we have. We go to the targets, and our ideals drive us. We are perfectionists in the right sense of the term and are guided by not only common sense but also a healthy mind.

    Share your observations. What features of the Slavic women can you identify?