A True Man: Who Is He?

  • When women from Easter Europe look for a man who is just a dream for them, they often say, they need “a true man”. Of course, men also speak about such a person, but they call him “a normal man”. Who is this person? What type of a man is true, real, normal? Who is this man? Are you a true man? What kind of qualities should he have?


    Psychologists say that men and dream women from online dating say about the same type of man. He should conduct himself correct from moral and ethic points of view. All women write in their profiles in the marriage agency that they want to find a true man who will be their destiny for the rest of their life. So, a real man has a set of qualities which brings him out of the crowd. This man is goal-oriented, loves and respects his family, and is as good as his word.


    Of course, you won’t find any exact determination of this expression. But there are 7 main features of a true man. Read them below and find out if you are such a person!


    • Determined character. A man is a master of the house. He takes care of its well-being. He makes important and answerable decisions. They need virile character and cast-iron will.


    • Acuity of mind. Making important decisions a man has to choose. For making correct decisions he has to have a lot of life experience and acuity of mind. Even for the communication with the sweet girls from Eastern Europe he needs worldly wisdom.


    • Strength of body. A sound mind in a sound body. A real man has always to be ready for protecting his relatives, his family, his children, his believes. If he’s weak and physically not active, they can’t speak about strength of body and strength of mind.


    • Precise life goals. A person without life goals is just a shell of a person. Of course no woman from Russia, Ukraine or another country wants to be with a man who has no goals. They don’t have any common future. The goals can be different in the level of their importance and globality. For example: to start a family, to bring up children, to write a book, to realize in art and so on.


    • Emotionality. Physically and intellectual developed man is just a half of the battle. Without any moral virtues and moral quality a man is only a cyborg. A loving man can make happy his parents, his wife, his children and surrounding persons. Strong but loving men are respected by anyone.


    • Responsibility. All listed above qualities show us that a true man doesn’t have any fear and doesn’t avoid the responsibility. His friends can rely on him in difficult period of time. His family knows that he is as safe as houses.


    • Worthy partner. A true man can be only with a worthy partner. Women in their dreams forget about it very often. The life is short. And a man doesn’t want to change it for doubtful lady. They say “A true man is seen through his woman”.


    Each man can be real. If you think you can’t be such a man, be sure, you’ll find your perfect lady from Eastern Europe!


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  • Natalia
    Natalia I'd like to meet such a man. You say very correct. It's a real man. Who can care about his family and doesn't forget about his parents, who knows how to behave a woman!
    April 26, 2016