Ukraine: country of interesting facts

  • Ukraine is a country with beautiful women, they are family-oriented, love their husbands and take care of their children. But do you know much about this European country? We’ve found some interesting facts about Ukraine and listed them for you. We hope these interesting facts will help you understand your dream girl from Ukraine better.


    One of the most famous songs in the world is “Summertime”. George Gershwin created this song under the impression of lullaby “The dream goes near the window” sung by Ukrainian National Chorus.


    The third most visited McDonald’s in the world is situated in Kiev, near the railway station. This restaurant is always in the TOP-list of the most visited McDonald’s in the world. In the year 2011 people made there more than 2 million orders.


    The underground station “Arsenalnaya” in Kiev is the deepest in the world. It goes down 105 m under the ground. It was built in 1960, “Arsenalnaya” is one of the first underground stations in Kiev. According to some reports there are some secret hideouts for politicians in this metro station.


    Ukrainian anthem consists only of six lines. They are four lines for couplet and two lines for refrain. All other couplets of the anthem were not approved because they were not politically correct.


    Police in Europe detect 30-40% of all crimes. In Ukraine this number is higher, about 90%. But lawyers say this unnaturally great statistics is a result of avoiding to register “hopeless” crimes: robbery of mobile phone.


    Ukraine has the biggest store of manganese ore in the world. It’s about 11% of all deposits of Earth. Also there are 7% of all iron ore of the world.


    Ukrainians in the development laboratory “Antonov” developed a plane with the biggest carrying capacity An-225 “Mriya”. From the very beginning it was developed for carrying of space ships. Today “Mriya” accomplishes business freight traffic.


    Ukrainian hetman Pylyp Orlik created in 1710 the first Constitution of Rights and Freedoms of Cossacks. Some of scientists say that this document was the first Consitution in the world. By the way son of Pylyp Orlik liver and worked in France. And in honor of this famous person was called a very famous airport in France: Orli.


    One of the most popular Christmas songs in the world is “Schedrik”, but people know it as “Carol of the Bells” or “Ring Christmas Bells”. This song is created by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich.


    Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko is memorized in lots of monuments all over the world. There are about 1200 monuments and most of them are situated in the West of Ukraine.


    Mykola Syadristyy could shoe a flea. Really. This flea is in the Museum of Miniatures in Kiev. Also you can see there a rose, made of paint flakes, which is situated in a straw of an empty human hair.


    The oldest map, known for scientists, and the oldest location of Homo Sapiens is found in Ukraine, in the village Mezhdurechye in Rovno Oblast. It’s about 14,5 – 15 thousand years old. The map is made on the bone of mammoth.


    The Ukrainian town Rakhov is the geographical centre of Europe. Also in Ukraine you can find one of the widest and the most picturesque streets, it’s Khreschatik Street in Kiev. It’s only 1225 m long!