• Summer time is perfect for eating berries of all kinds! Why don’t you eat strawberries? It’s a nice berry which is very useful for our body and health. Haven’t you heard about the advantages of eating strawberries? We are going to tell you everything you should know about this summer product.


    The name of strawberries comes from Latin and means “aromatic, fragrant”. This berry has a lot of nutrient materials and useful vitamins. This plant came to Europe from America and today it is being grown all over the world. Can you think of any warm country where there are no strawberries? We neither!


    If you or someone of your family has deficiency disease, eat a lot of strawberries. The volume of vitamins and another useful stuff will help you to be healthy again. Do you know that strawberries are rich in vitamin C? 100 gram of strawberry contains more of it than a person needs to eat daily. Only black currant contains more of this useful stuff.


    Five medium sized strawberries have as much of vitamin C as one big orange! Folic acid is another useful material for our health and body. Its volume in strawberries is higher than in raspberries or grapes.


    Strawberry is used in cooking art and in cosmetology as well. If you have met your dream woman Eastern Europe on the dating portal and are planning a romantic dinner with her, choose strawberry. It’s a berry of love! Cook some simple sweet courses with this red summer “joy” and enjoy your romantic date with your Ukrainian girl!


    It is well known that girls from Eastern Europe cook perfect. You should try her desserts with chocolate, cream or baked in dough! Jam of red summer berry is so fragrant, so tasty in the morning, so useful for you…Strawberry drinks are delicious as well.


    Everyone knows that strawberries are used in cosmetology. Of course almost every single man will say he doesn’t need any recipes of beauty and they have never tried any of them. But when you are preparing for your first meeting with your Polish woman, you want to look better. Find some beauty recipes for your skin and try it. We are sure you will love them and your skin after such natural SPA procedures!


    Do you want to show your dream lady Eastern Europe you take care of her? Tell her about some strawberry beauty secrets and present some pounds of this berry: both for eating and skin. Don’t want to use strawberries for your face skin? May be you would like to whitening your teeth and strengthen the gums? Just use one berry! Put it on your tooth brush and flatten. Massage your gums with this natural tooth paste and wipe your teeth after it.


    Try to eat strawberries every day during its season. If you do this, you will renew your immunity. This berry is good for our heart, blood pressure, anticancer stuff. It degrades the volume of sugar in our blood as well. That’s why it’s great for diabetics. Strawberry is a berry which can extend the youth of our body and skin!


    Don’t forget to eat strawberries every day and you will be healthy and beautiful!