Interesting Marriage Facts

  • Acquaintance with your dream girl from Poland, Russia or Ukraine is an important and responsible step. The family is a basis of everything in this world. It helps us to be happy, to have backing and comfort, to feel well, to relax after a hard working day with our family members, to stay younger for a long time… It’s an interesting fact, but people who have registered relationship – marriage – live together longer than people who live in a domestic partnership or cohabitation.


    Do you want to know more interesting facts about marriage and life as a married person? Let’s go and find it out together!


    We think that we spend a lot of time together. But the matter of the fact is that the husband and the wife work, spend time with children, watch TV, surf in the Internet, are engaged into their hobbies… They eat, sleep, and take a bath. And as a result they spend only about four minutes a day in private! When you marry, try to spend more time with your Ukrainian or Russian wife. It is really useful for your marriage.


    Unfortunately, a lot of people nowadays find another sex partner while they are married. And often they divorce and get married to their partner with whom they were unfaithful to the husband or the wife. But don’t hurry to marry the second time! Experts say that 75 percent of such marriages end with another divorce…


    Are you going to get married in Italy? Great! Be ready that a lot of your glasses will be broken. Not because Italian people just like doing it. It is an old tradition! They say, that an amount of shatters foretell the number of years for happy family life of newlyweds!


    The level of education is closely interrelated with the age when a person gets married. The people with the higher level of education marry later than people without higher education. So if you are not married yet and have a post graduate degree, don’t worry! Everything will happen, but a bit later!


    Let’s find out the percent of relations which end unhappily… If you are married for the first time, and your marriage is registered, the possibility to get divorced is about 20 percent. But if you are not going to register your relations and your aim is cohabitation with your Polish girl friend, is the possibility of divorce much higher. It is about 49 percent!


    But you should be prepared to work more in the gym, because married people have on the average often overweight. Single people are fitter! If the husband is not fit, his wife has a great chance to be not slim – 37%... So, if you want to have a wife with a perfect body, take care of yourself and your Ukrainian dream wife will be Mrs. Perfection for you every day!


    A very interesting fact. Scientists researched the satisfaction of a marriage. They found out, that when children become grown-up and leave the house of parents, the satisfaction is higher. But if the married couple had fundamental dissidence and problems when children lived in the house, the relations become worse when the married couple stays alone.


    Don’t forget as well that people have a chance to create happy relations when they are alone and when the parents, relatives and friends don’t interfere in the relations! 80 percent of happy couples confirm it. And only 38% of unhappily married people can confirm this.