National Nature Parks of Ukraine

  • The national nature parks are the national wealth. In Ukraine there are 40 national nature parks. And the summer time is the best time for the travelling through this wonderful land! Here you have the perfect chance to find the list with the national nature parks that you have obligatory to visit!


    Carpathian national nature park


    This park is situated on the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. To be more exact it is Hutsulshyna. People can speak about the unique character of this place endlessly. Here you have the possibility to enjoy the memorials of archeology which are about 15 thousand years old, the memorials to wooden folk architectonics from the 16th-17th centuries and unique folk craft.


    One of the most prominent nature features is the upland moor “Rudyak” with small-fruited cranberry and other rare species of plants, the clove “Kedruvate” on Chornogora is the only one place with alpine stone pines. A lot of tourists are charmed with cliffs “Dovbush”. There is a waterfall “Prybiy” (“Swash”) in Yaremche, that falls from the height of 12 m against the background of stone blocks. All this creates a wonderful landscape of the Carpathian beauty.


    You will find there springs with therapeutic mineral waters as well.


    National nature park Shatskiy


    This park is situated on the territory of Volyn Oblast. The park is the unique system of lakes-moors-wilds complexes which are the biggest in Europe.


    The system includes more than 30 lakes of different size and origin. An invaluable pearl of this system is a lake Svytyaz.  The waterbody is well-known because of the gorgeous transparency of the clean water, therapeutic qualities of the moors and the fairytale beauty. This place is the favourite place of a lot of tourists from abroad.


    The woods in the nature park Shatzkiy cover more than 51% of the territory. They fill the air there with a pleasure aroma of fir-needle. You will have the chance to gather the most different berries and mushrooms as well!


    National nature park Nizhnyodnistrovskiy


    The nature park is situated on the territory of 3 Rayons in Odessa in the in-between rivers district of Dnestr and Turunchuk.


    This delta of Dnestr belongs to the list of boggy areas which have the international meaning.


    To the wildlife area of the nature park belong such landscapes: the lowland moors, wet peatland forest, bare areas. An important element of this lower reach of Dniester are the ponded lakes. In the nature park Nizhnyodnistrovskiy people can find and see huge pelicans, graceful swans, small and big gannets, dainteth frog peckers and nimble terns.


    National nature park „Holy Mount“


    The nature park is situated in the northern part of Donetsk Oblast. Here you will find the chalk mountains where grow a lot of relict plants. By the way, theses mountains belong to the Ukrainian list of the year 2008 “The seven wonders of Ukraine”.


    On the territory of the park there are situated 129 valuable archeological objects of different time epochs: from the Paleolith to the Middle Ages and a lot of memorials of history and culture.


    The valuable architectonic memorial of the park is the Swyatogorsk Holy Uspensk Lavra of the 13th-14th century.


    National park „Synevyr“


    This park is situated in Transcarpathian Region, in so called Gorgany. Today it is a mountain mass, but some time ago it was an ocean floor. In the park people can enjoy seeing the moor with the spherical surface.


    The lake Synevyr is the real valuable natural treasure of the national park and one of the visit cards of the Ukrainian Carpathians. There you can visit the Museum of the Wood and Floating. It is the only one Museum in Europe where you will see the ancient instruments of labor of woodcutters and floaters.


    National nature park „Oleshkivsky Pisky (Sands)“


    The park is the biggest sand mass in Europe. It is situated in Kherson Oblast. It is a real Ukrainian desert with oasis, barchan, vipers and venomous spiders. The sand heats in summer to the temperature of 75 degrees! At one end of the desert you can see the biggest wood, that is hand made.


    It is interesting that Oleshkivsky Pisky long time was a closed zone. Here positioned itself a military training area of the Soviet Union. Today this place is very popular among tourists. The place is really unique and not enough researched.