August vacation in Ukraine

  • August is in full play now. It is the last month of the summer, but we have still enough time to have a nice vacation and to visit wonderful Ukraine. Are you planning a trip to Ukraine in August? Great! We have some variants how and where you could spend time in Ukraine with your single dream woman!


    In Ukraine it is almost always warm in summer. The warm weather stays to the middle or even the end of September. It means you have one month to travel to this beautiful land, to visit your Ukrainian lady and to get much more summer positive to feel good in winter!


    August in Ukraine is the time of vacations and the question, where you could go on vacation is still on the front burner. Do you have a wish to relax somewhere in Ukraine? So go on reading and find out about some perfect ideas what and where you can do in Ukraine.


    First of all you could go the sea. It is difficult to think about the summer vacation without sea holidays. And in Ukraine everything is ok with such a kind of vacations: go to the Azov or the Black Sea.


    Do you prefer something active and fun? Visit Odessa. This city has the beaches suited to every fancy. Young people will feel great on the “Arcadia”-beach. There are a lot of night clubs there. If you want to find something more peaceful, try to book a hotel room near the “Otrada” or “Lanzheron” beaches. The city itself is beautiful as well.  There you will enjoy the enormous port, boulevard Primorskij, street Deribasovskaya, Potyomkinskaya stairs and the unique market “Privoz”. Are you looking for something more extremal? Take a tour to catacombs under Odessa city. But don’t forget to be there with your guide.


    In the case your Ukrainian dream woman lives in Nikolaev, you could visit the village Koblevo in Nikolaev Oblast. Here there are a lot of hotels and private recreation and retreat centres where you could stay with comfort.  There you will find as well versatile places where the young people and families with children can relax. There is also a winery, where you should taste different sorts of wine!


    For the people who love nature Ukraine offers Bukskiy Canyon, that  is situated in the village Buki (it is Cherkassy Oblast). There flows the river Gornyy Tikich. It is a perfect choice for the rest in the nature. Sheer cliffs, picturesque nature and a real waterfall – all these give the place its special “wild” flair.


    Volyn is a place as well where the nature is real gorgeous and people have a perfect chance to get lifetime experience! Here there are a lot of lakes which are clean, transparent and wonderful. The young people will recreate at leisure zone “Gryada”. For the people who want to have calm recreation will fit leisure zones “Svityaz”, “Guschove” and “Pesochnoye”.


    It is possible that you visit Ukraine with your kids or you have a vacation together with your perfect Ukrainian lady who has children. Visit Kirillovka or Fedotova sand-bank. The sea is there warm and fleet. Your children will find a lot of entertainments: aqua parks, dolphinarium, amusement rides… Good options for a vacation with children are Berdyansk, Arabatskaya Strelka, Primorsk and Primorskiy Posad. The sea there is safe and the prices are low.


    The extremal vacation is in Ukraine possible as well. The white water rafting along the Southern Bug becomes more popular every year! Near the village Migeya (Nikolaev Oblast) there is a regional landscape park “Pobuzhye”. It is a real hilly area among the prairies. The park has stormy rifts for the white water rafting. This place is good for the beginners as well because the water there is warm and there are routes of different complexity. Some parents even take children in the age of 6 years with them!


    If you don’t want anything extreme and have rested enough at the beaches, you could open historical Ukraine and give a look-over the most interesting places. The national reservation “Olvia” at the Black Sea presents picturesque ruins of the ancient Greek colony. The Akkerman fortress is situated in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. It is in Odessa Oblast. In Nikolaev Oblast, Ochakov Rayon it is situated Kinburnskaya sand-bank and the national nature park “Beloberezhye Svyatoslava” (White Coast of Svyatoslav). The beaches are there white and a mix of prairies and soft-wood forests are perfect for the relaxation.