7 Facts about Ukraine that make Ukrainians happy

  • 7 Facts about Ukraine that make Ukrainians happy


    There are people who say that Ukraine is not a nation, that there was no Kievan Rus, that Ukraine has no achievements. But the statistics and the facts tell us the opposite.


    Here is a list of some facts about the Ukraine, which the Ukrainians should be proud of.


    Ukraine has the 5th Place for the quality of the level of high education in the list of 50 countries of the world.


    Who could think about that? But this fact is really amazing: Ukraine is located on the 5th place for the quality of higher education. The country goes after only Korea, Finland, Israel and Russia and outraces the successful countries of Europe and the Western countries.


    According to the presentation of the annual evaluation Bloomberg it is not so bad to get high education in Ukraine, and not to study anywhere in the world.


    The underground station "Arsenalnaya" in Kiev is the deepest one in the world.


    Yes, yes, exactly the "Arsenalnaya" station (the depth is 105 m), is the deepest metro station in the world. It was opened in 1960 and has got the name from the large factory "Arsenal", which is located next to it. And in 1987 the station was given the status of "the monument of architecture of local significance".


    Ukraine is rich in the largest reserves of manganese ore in the world.


    The Nikopol manganese ore field is the place of  Ukraine which gives it and other countries the manganese ore (11% of all ore reserve in the world). The manganese ore field is located in southern Ukraine, in Zaporozhye and Dnepro area. It was first opened in 1883, and the industrial mining started in 1886.


    The Ukrainian language is the most melodious one language in the world after the Italian.


    In the languages ​​ competition in Paris in 1934 the Ukrainian language took the 2nd place after the Italian one. The language of Ukraine took the 3rd place after the French language, according to the following criteria: phonetics, lexicon, phraseology and syntax.


    The Ukrainian instrument trembita is the longest wind instrument in the world


    This musical instrument which homeland is Ukraine, occurs at Hutsul and in Polish, Croatian, Dalmatian, Romanian, Slovenian and Hungarian shepherds as well. The trembita is spread substantially in the Ukrainian Carpathians and on the territory of Poland. From ancient times they used it to inform about various important events of life and for completing the shepherd melodies.


    The second longest cave in the world is located in Ukraine


    The cave "Optimistic", located in Podillya, lengthwise is smaller only than the Mammoth Cave in the US. The Optimistic lies in the depth of 20 m and stretches lengthwise 230 km away. The length of the Mammoth Cave is 587 km.


    Pablo Picasso was delighted with the images of Ukrainian artist


    The Ukrainian Kateryna Bilokur conquered the worldwide famous artist and founder of Cubism Pablo Picasso through her pictures, which he called ingenious and compared the Ukrainian with legendary Séraphine Louis.


    Maybe you have some already known or read about these facts. But if you want to find a wonderful woman in Ukraine, it is good if you know a lot about this country. The more you know, the better you will understand the women and the people of Ukraine on the whole! The Ukrainian culture is really interesting, the history is fascinating and often sad. But the Ukrainians are strong and today understand well how they want to live. They understand that they can be proud and share the joy of their achievements with the world!


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