Trip through Lviv: secret locations

  • Trip through Lviv: secret locations


    To understand Lviv better, it is not enough just to walk through the main streets with a camera. We invite you to visit some secret locations about that there is nothing written in the Guide, but you should definitely see them if you visit Ukraine and Lviv.


    Lviv requires a profound relationship to itself. In these secret places you will have a great possibility to have further and deeper look into the city, looking into these narrow passages, walking along the stone paved courtyards, visiting them, feeling, the smell of the history and coffee ...


    Secret pharmacy


    Only a lazy person did not wander through the maze of halls of Pharmacy Museum at the Marketplace. It seems that nothing more interesting and more fascinating could not be said about the ancient pharmacist to you. But! In the center there is opened an interactive museum "The secret pharmacy". It is located on Sobornaya street, 1. Here, under the glass from antique furniture are kept glasses and bottles with old beauty recipes that are already 100 years old. For example, the ointment called "Oriental Beauty", vial of Beyer and Vichy. Behind the bar and the oak door, go to the secret lab.


    Such laboratories were in any pharmacy: here the pharmacist examined (who kept the secret knowledge of alchemy in those days) after the philosopher's stone, trying to get the gold, "the same time" opened new drug mixture and even invented kerosene. This piece of antiquity survived during the Soviet period under the floor of a usual Soviet pharmacy. Almost two years were needed for restoration. And now the old furniture, old tools, bottles and mysterious recipes of ancient alchemists reveal their secrets. And finally, one should buy "Happiness Pills", "Journeywork Pills " or special soap for bribetakers - so that their hands do not itch.


    Art Houses


    If you look carefully in a narrow passage from one side of the Market Place, you can see a very interesting inscription "Schos Tsіkave" - ​​ "Something interesting". (Square Rynok, 13). Take your time and find this place of interest - an open-air gallery and art glass jewelry exhibition. There you can see pillows with painted stones and snakes in unique burst and also see an acrylic exhibition.


    Continue to see a little bit from the center to the Old Market, there you will see the yards of the houses which were turned into museums by their owners or citizens of Lviv. On the Leo Street spread to a racy courtyard gallery and a yard with lost toys. In the courtyard gallery a lot of the photos and portraits hang on the walls and even in the landings.


    In courtyard of toys (Leo Street 3) there is a real paradise for children or decorations for the filming of Apocalypse, it depends on how to consider which side. There are hundreds of toys: from Soviet puppets with long eyelashes, large and small furry pets to plastic cars and bicycles. All the toys are conveniently located in the shelves along the walls arranged. In the center of the court there is a fountain and also there is a sandbox with small children buckets, and a metal bridge as well.


    A racy art courtyard is located in the yard of the theater for young audiences (Hnatyuk street, 11). The decorations and dolls do not have enough space in the theater and at present you can see them on the walls. This is where the heroes of favorite fairy tales and fantastic robot are seen by visitors.


    House of Legend


    House of the legend is a home-style restaurant. It is situated at Staroevreyskaya Street, 48. On the ground floor there is a wonderful opportunity to buy Lviv little things, the second floor is the kitchen. And all the other floors are the rooms, where you can watch the river Plotva. One of the rooms is decorated as a library ...


    On the roof there is a monument to the chimney sweep. This is the highest sitting monument in Europe. There you can also enjoy a classic car ZaporoZhets. And a chimney sweep is going forward and back around the house and tells funny stories.