Signs that a man will not betray

  • My dear, is it important? Your answer: "Of course it's important!" You are right.

    Psychologists are very interested in this topic. We, women, are interested in this topic, no less. Treason is terrible, this is what kills relationship, trust ... everything.

    Well, may we begin?


    Your wage is approximately the same

    A recent study conducted by American sociologists and psychologists, showed that those couples who bring home the same salary, are faithful to each other. According to American experts, if a partner earns more, he is more likely to spend money on somebody else. Besides, in a situation monetary equalities partners don't feel restrained.


    He is an extrovert

    The extrovert is less inclined to come under others influence. He shows all emotions openly and can tell firm "no" to himself (or to someone).


    He is emotionally satisfied

    The man needs praise: he wants to know that he is not only to be loved, but trusted and valued. Researches show that the majority of men deceive the partners as they look for more emotional, than sexual satisfaction.


    He gives you expensive gifts not very often

    As girls admit, frequent expensive gifts suggest that guy is shameful for something and that he tries to wash away guilt.


    He grew up in a large family

    The man who has brothers or sisters, used to take care of others. He is not selfish in his actions, is able to listen to other people's words, emotionally ready to disputes and conflicts (he has the experience to solve them). In addition, if the parents of the young man is still happy together, you have a chance to become a good model of couple.


    He is the first to reconcile

    He is ready to accept the error, suggest a compromise, corny to ask for forgiveness - it is said that a person is interested in your relationship. After all, even if there is rashly utter nonsense, he is ready to apologize. It says that he is not indifferent.


    He is attentive and interested in your work

    It can be  even ordinary routine matters, he does not understand the specifics of your work, confuses the names of your colleagues and do not know the chief's face. He is genuinely interested your life out!


    Do not hesitate to talk by phone being with you

    The first warning signal is when a person goes to another room, bathroom to answer the important call. Mistrust arises and makes girls to conduct an audit of all calls and SMS.


    He is true to his habits

    He always wakes up at the same time, true to their culinary preferences (or rather, loves everything that you cook), he likes a certain perfume, listening to your favorite music ...


    He speaks about your common future

    He knowns how many children you will have, how they will be named, in what school he would blush at the parents' meeting. By the way, he already knows where to buy cheap wallpaper ... He sees your future together, often planning something in advance, whether it's repairs, purchase of furniture or a radio-controlled airplane for his son.


    He loves when you show care

    It is non-irritating, and even touches to some degree. By the way, very often these guys show it  off to friends and colleagues.


    He responds calm to your remarks

    In your remarks on scattered socks and crumbs in bed, he responds with humor or with persistence, and then with calmness continues to crumble and scatter. Do not rush to get angry. This is another argument fidelity of your guy. He got used to your remarks, doesn't become angry on trifles and doesn't look for an occasion to quarrel.


    He is not jealous

    Life situations have shown that the most ardent and almost pathological jealous men are traitors. Of course, the relationship is not without jealousy, but all should be in moderation. Faithful husband will not come even think to check your favorite phone and ring up all subscribers with male names, calculating the movement from the stop to the house, with a predilection to interrogate about the day.


    He wakes up calm in the morning

    For a man who leads a double life, morning is a real puzzle for the brain. He is trying frantically to remember whose apartment he was: his wife orparamour. Hysterical attempts to combine all into a single puzzle and memory issue urgently include eyes that are running, and a stunned look. Calmly yawning but a faithful person is more valuable than gold.


    He treats your parents calmly

    It is not necessary visit her or call her every day.  He is ready to help in any household or life situations. Of course, everything depends on mutual consent, but if the person behaves deliberately aggressively and violently (even let and for eyes), it is worth thinking, but he doesn't look for a reason for the conflict.