Love psychology

  • "I LOVE YOU"  - this phrase conceals in itself creative process which leads to harmony of family life in everything. Happiness to be loved and to love is inherent both for newlyweds, and for couples with wide family experience.

    Skills of love are studied from early age on the example of the relations between parents. The cordial friendly relations between parents create the atmosphere of happy life and for children. Children as a sponge absorb positive skills of relationship between parents and enter with them independent life after wedding. The harmony and love reigns in such families. It is very hard for children of adverse families to construct the family nest . They feel sorry for parents, they rush about from one coast to another, without finding themselves rest.

    Children with the difficult past, having married, don't know how to find harmony of family life. Examples of relationship of filmstars or literary characters not always lead to success. The result of such situation can become disintegration of a family. Therefore it is very important to receive psychologecally help at treason and other family crises in time.

    The love has to be present not only at the flat road, but also on the thorny ways. Always together inhealth and illness. The creative thought-over approach in expression of feelings to provide a love oasis in any weather.

    What husbands wait from us for? If husband is silent, don't think that you are indifferent for him. Silence is a gold. It is necessary to be afraid just of verbosity and idle talk. Before speaking, men like to consider and weigh each word. If you want something from the husband, then you  have to speak directly and clear, without preambles of type " it would be good" or "if you" and so on. Minutes of adversities your support, but not reproaches is necessary for the man. Don't give to the husband advice if he doesn't ask it from you. If you decided to make the husband the remark, then continue the phrase also by his merits not to humiliate the partner and not to offend him.

    To have a harmony in a family  in everything, between partners there shouldn't be neither offenses, nor controversial issues. Problems need to be solved together as soon as they arose.

    Accept the husband it what he is, trust him and never reproach with presence of strangers. The arisen misunderstanding have to be discussed in private.

    What the wife needs? The female psychology differs from psychology man's. Tender words and attention of the spouse are necessary for the wife for happiness. Having come from work, don't take in head to open the newspaper or from a threshold to ask that for lunch. First of all, kiss the wife on a cheek and ask how at her passed day,  whether she missed. Tell how missed you without her and how beautifully she looks today.

    On the eve of the day off it is possible on the road from work to buy a bouquet of forest flowers. Don't forget to thank for tasty borsch and to kiss your wife. If you were tired, tell about this spouse that she didn't think that you have someone. Firm friendship between spouses has to be a harbinger of love.