Dispose of unnecessary items and get freedom!

  • Many girls think. What is the best investment CLOTHES! The more clothes, the easier it is to achieve diversity, can always surprise others and every day look different!

    But in fact, the more clothes, the harder we live, because each thing acquired by us, it is an additional problem that robs us of not only the time to care about it, but is the cause of reducing the concentration and attention.


    The disadvantages of a large wardrobe:


    Causes Stress: When we do not remember exactly what we all have in the closet, then introduce themselves automatically in a state of constant stress! Anxiety and worry accompany in this case, we constantly. We puzzle over what blouse to best fit these pants. And even choosing, in our opinion the best option, we still are not sure, the right choice.


    The extra financial costs, if we are accustomed. Constantly replenish your wardrobe and buy things that are not a necessity, it is a bad habit that negatively affects the financial position. We regularly spend money on new purchases, which are not going to spend. Walk past a shop window modes becomes difficult.


    Dependence on shopping: the more often we buy ourselves clothes, the more likely to become dependent on shopping. Obsessive craving for shopping affects more than 10% of the population. Do you suffer from this, you can determine when he said to himself - I buy clothes with yourself will not do anything in this month, and did not keep his word. Passion for shopping can be either a cause or a consequence of other major problems.


    Now let's look at the advantages of a small wardrobe


    Less problems, less fatigue

    To any question to find the answer, our brain is required to spend a certain power volume. The brain sees no difference in the issues that I wear tonight or how do I improve the financial situation. If you occupy your brain daily questions about the wardrobe, you overdo it, and it is not up to other tasks.


    Save time: The most important advantage of the minimal wardrobe is saving time! By reducing the content of the wardrobe in half, you can reduce the beat work at home: and this washing and ironing. Try to get rid of 30% of unnecessary things and you will notice that gave a new life. And it is easy in the morning, the freedom of thought!

    And forget the tedious shopping! Buy yourself the colors, which are suitable to any other, and do not take brains over whether the orange shirt will come to a green skirt? And not too short, this mini skirt for today's meeting in the office?


    Less clothing - a sign of maturity! Only with age understand that a strong focus on the clothes is a sign of immaturity and insecurity. With age, you realize that the most important thing in life - is to feel comfortable and not consistently produce on someone's attention.

    Bright celebrities prefer the black and white colors! They save time on other issues rather than on what color goes with what is best. These people engage in personal growth, while valuable as we spend our days in the trash in the closet.

    We spend a lot of money wasted. Buying a lot of things, we are not guided by their personal needs. Why do we do it? To show off and feel the envious glances? The motives are different. In any case, to assert itself due to the possession of a particular thing is not possible! You can not create their self-esteem with the help of a thing.

    We are drowning in unnecessary things. And all that we need - it's free! Make experiment -izbavtes half of his cabinet contents! And for each of us will open new perspectives - in terms of mental growth!