The Beauties From Ukraine

  • It is said that the Ukrainian women are fairy-tale beautiful. This can be only confirmed by the man who visited this country at least once. But the men appreciate the Ukrainian beauties very much. They say the smiling beauties are walking along the Kiev streets. These are the blond girls with blue eyes, delicate hands and long legs. It is also said that the girls, who are simply on the street or sitting in a cafe, can become a pop group very easily. So really fantastic are the girls from Ukraine!


    By the way, according to a survey conducted by a major travel website of Hong Kong, Kiev was selected as the city with the largest number of the most beautiful women in the world. This study has been conducted in many countries, but Ukraine has always occupied the top ranks in the evaluation by the number of beauties ...


    Today you can see many famous Ukrainian women in other countries. These are singers or actresses. They are known as Russian stars, but these beautiful women come from Ukraine! These are for example Ani Lorak, Vera Breschneva, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Victoria Dayneko and Tatiana Navka ...


    Perhaps the secret of the Ukrainian beauties lies in local food? No, Ukrainian cuisine is quite fat. Some people think the Ukrainians have a favorite dish, the "fat", the pig fat. There are people who like such dishes, but they are mostly men. The women prefer to eat varenyky, borsch, meatballs. It seems strange that despite this food, there are many slender people on the streets. To be honest, the Ukrainian women like to cook, they do it with pleasure. And the food is really great. But they themselves eat almost nothing fat today!


    There are many stylists who acknowledge that Ukraine is one of the leading regions for the selection of models. As a result of the mixture of blood, for example during the Turkish conquest, the unique beauty was born. This phenomenon is explained by the specialists from the fashion industry. Ukraine is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and was attacked by different peoples. As a result, the blood of the Slavic peoples, Persians, Mongols, Turks and many others were mixed here. Particularly beautiful became the combination of dark hair and blue eyes.


    The outer beauty of Ukrainian women is important, but it is not the most important! The foreigners, who lived for a long time in the other Slav countries and also visited the Ukraine, tell that the girls in other countries are beautiful, but they differ in their inner coldness. The Ukrainian women make a good impression by their calmness and high spirits. It should be the mild climate and the low density of the population, which did not make the nature of the people aggressive. Many Ukrainian women put the family on the first place. It is their Number One!


    The Ukrainian girls are very popular as brides. The girls from Ukraine marry foreigners with pleasure. The reason for this is local instability and "Maidans," which make life more complicated. As a result of the war there are also fewer and fewer young men ...


    All men have the same thought: a peculiarity of beautiful women from Ukraine lies not only in the outer beauty, but also in the friendly nature. The Ukrainian women often smile, and when you talk to them, they always answer politely. A friendly smile makes the heart of the men shudder. This is more important than the eyes and nose of the ideal shape.


    Everyone has his concept of beauty. But on many well-known pages, which tell us about the journeys, it is written that the ranking list of cities with the most beautiful women in the world starts from the Ukrainian capital, the Kiev City!