The best Ukrainian dishes

  • Ukraine can be proud of the fact that its cuisine can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Ukrainian fests were described by Gogol in his "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka". Sure, Ukrainian people know a lot about food and are really hospitable. The Ukrainian cuisine has traditional dishes, thanks to which it is so well-known. And when you dive into the culinary traditions, you will find names and recipes that will surprise you.



    What a Ukrainian person without borsch? This is traditionally the first course, which is obligatory served to the foreigners. In cookbooks we will find more than 50 recipes for Borsch, because this dish is prepared differently in each Ukrainian region. With juicy meat or seasoned with bacon ... or lean with beans or mushrooms. The last varieties are cooked during fasting, and vegetarians will also be satisfied. Instead of meat, you can put fish. In addition to traditional beetroots, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbages and tomatoes, many other foods can be added! Some recipes even have apples, dried fruits, plums! Borsch is often served with dumplings and garlic. Borscht festivals are performed in the village of Borschev in the region of Ternopil, as well as in other regions of Ukraine. The third year in series, this festival was held in Kharkov in October.


    Salo is everything! No wonder that one says: fat is the Ukrainian drug. Without the bacon, the Ukrainian cuisine does not exist. How many jokes are there about fat and the Ukrainians! One friend says to another, "Did you hear that fat is developing sclerosis?" And the second replied, "And I wonder why I eat a piece of bacon in the morning, and then I do not remember the whole day that I am hungry!"


    There are many recipes for salo cooking. Very simple: chop the garlic, mix with pepper, rub fat with this mixture and keep it in the refrigerator for three days. You can also add fragrant spices.


    The fat festival has already become a tradition in Petrikovka in the region of Dnipropetrovsk. And in Lviv there is an amazing museum-restaurant called "Salo", where you can participate in fat party, try the unique sweets "fat in chocolate" and sushi bacon.


    Homemade sausages

    "A little porridge, a ring of sausage" - so is a line of the Ukrainian Christmas song. The Christmas dinner of the Ukrainians is always served with homemade sausages. The most delicious sausages are cooked in Transcarpathia. Here you have the opportunity to try the "natural products", which are not baked in a gas oven, but baked in the village oven. They have a different smell and a piquant taste!


    In Volhynia you can also cook sausages. In 2015 the longest sausage - 5 meters long - was produced in Luzk. This achievement was documented in the book of the records of Ukraine.


    Potato pancakes from Shitomir

    The Ukrainian Polissya is famous for its crops of potatoes and dishes from this product. In Korosten (a city in the region of Schytomyr) there is even a monument for the potato pancakes! The festival is dedicated to this dish every year. And what potato pancakes you can try here: with meat, cheese, mushrooms and other ingredients.


    Poltava dumpling

    The "Poltava dumplings" are often called the inhabitants of the region with the same name. Thus, their regional dish has become recognizable. Dumplings are both unfilled as well as filled with meat, liver, mushrooms. Every year in Poltava the festival of dumplings takes place, dedicated to this delicious dish. And there is also a monument to this dish.



    "Brothers of dumplings" are varenyky. They are a part of the Ukrainian folklore. In contrast to dumplings, the filling of varenyky can be very different: cheese, vegetables, berries. In the city Albert in Canada the Ukrainian diaspora installed a 9-meter monument to varenyk. In Lutsk the festival of the national dishes is performed, in which it was transformed from a festival of dumplings.