Family crisis. The crisis of family life

  • Family life was never easy for most couples. Not all the couples were fortunate enough to live a long, happy, unalloyed life with their beloved people. The number of divorces eloquently attests the fact that it is not so difficult to marry, but the most important thing is to feel good in a marriage. And the psychologists have tried to find the explanation. They defined what crises mean, when they start and what to do if you want to keep your family from falling apart.


    The crises of family life


    The psychologists agree, that each family necessarily goes through a crisis of the relationship in certain time periods. There may be some exceptions, but the decline and cooling arise for the first time after the marriage and wedding ceremony when there was no honeymoon, and the couple immediately began to engage in the housework or have been living together for many years without an official registration. It can also happen if the girl who wanted to marry fulfilled this dream, then she feels the devastation, since she has already no dream, and there was a void. And a man feels obliged, as if liberty was taken away from him. Of course, there are those who feel no decline, and continue to enjoy each other, but it is often an exception.


    The crisis can begin in 3 to 6 months after the beginning of a coupledom, the flame becomes less strong, but the routine will have more time than ever before. Both of married couple will relax and stop being carefully for themselves. They do not care anymore so well on how they look or what they say. You do not have longer a good reason to play an ideal person who is always beautiful and in high feather. And not everyone is willing to accept what kind of person their partners are in life and not at the date.


    Everyone in the partnership can irritate the second partner, which will lead to unnecessary conflicts and tensions. So it would be better to discuss some features that could strongly irritate you.


    A year later, the crisis is able to show itself again, because at this time you have a lot of unrealized expectations, frustration, the inability to clarify things quietly, frequent conflicts, broken hopes, sacrifices made for a loved one, but you should not do that. At this point, the two know each other better, and their views on life can be contrasted, which causes many new conflicts both now and in the future, which also lead to new family crises. For example, the woman wants to have an education, and her husband is against it. Because of his low self-esteem and self-doubt, he endangers their future, prevents self-realization and ignores her desires. The woman accepts this because she thinks it is in the family's interest to sacrifice, and that the family is the most necessary. But she does not think such a behavior says about the egoism of her husband, his lack of love for her and respect. She should not accept that. This family will not survive a test of time, and so one day she can be alone with the children, if not today, but very soon.


    Most of these early crises do not threaten all couples but those who are too early and too quickly married without strong feelings when one of the partners is a neurotic, who does not like himself.


    It is important to understand that the crises in the family life do not arise because you or your partner is bad. Often the circumstances are so and you have such a way of relationship between you, but it is in your power to deal with them.


    The couple, who were later married in life, have a healthy psyche, love each other and understand what they want from life, these crises can never notice.