How a real man should be

  • This man is the dream and the secret. He is respected as well as by women and men. He has the qualities that evaluate both sexes. Meeting him is a real blessing for a woman. Would you like to know what qualities the Ukrainian, Russian, Polish women dream to find in a man? Would you like to know what behavior the Slavic women value? Continue reading!


    This man is self-conscious and cool-headed. He never makes a scandal, does not raise his voice so that even the people who are far from him can not hear his words, he does not sort out his relationships, even if he is very dissatisfied with the situation. He is restrained and self-governed, does not allow his anger to overshadow the spirit, and never pull no punches.


    A sight of this man is for those who are with him to feel what a mood he has. Next to him is also the self-confident woman, who is accustomed always to get the attention of the men, she turns into an ideal woman who does not allow herself to flirt with all men.


    A real man knows his worth and will not be with a girl who is fixed on the beauty, who has forgotten about her own development, mind and soul.


    He needs no consent from other people, he acts exclusively according to his own ethics code, a lot of elements of it are the generally accepted standards of morality. He knows what compassion, goodness, and mercy are. He always helps the people who have trouble, he is not indifferent at the sight of the unhappy homeless animals. But under no circumstances he will not advertise it. He is firmly convinced that he should not praise himself.


    This man is strong, both physically and mentally. Sport is an integral part of his life. It is not an empty phrase for him the sentence "A healthy body has a healthy mind". His steadfastness allows him to endure the most difficult trials with dignity. He never renounces his responsibility, he renounces no obligations. His word is unbroken, he does not let himself speak without thinking of how it will affect his reputation and reputation of the people close to him. His speech is elaborated. Every word is worth gold. He knows that the actions of man say more about him than the words.


    The right man will always help. He will not refuse his beloved when she asks him for help. He does not like his wife to be sad and cry. For him it is a kind of slap in the face, especially hard, if he is indirectly guilty in it. He will never do that his wife is crying. The tears of those who are weaker than him is a silent reproof to him because he can not defend, protect, help them. He is deeply convinced that he is responsible for everything. It can not be influenced by tantrums, tears and ultimatums. If he decides something, nothing can change that, except for weighty reasons that can give new thinking impulses.


    A real man can afford to relax, watch the game, meet friends, but he does it without harm to important things. And most of the time he devotes to the family and the goals in life that he has set. After attaining a goal, he sets himself a new one, knowing well what he needs from life.


    Even if he has the desire to judge whether he is doing everything right and in the right direction, his family will not feel that he stops and does nothing. He will continue to look after them and at the same time analyze the situation.