Secrets of happy couples

  • Secrets of happy couples: 6 hours a week to make relationships stronger


    The difference between happy and unhappy couples is not visible at first sight. The secret of happy couples lies in the daily details. When you have married a Ukrainian or Slavic woman, you want your marriage to last in life. You have taken so much trouble to find a dream woman at the partner exchange Ukraine! And now it is a natural desire to be happy together with a dream woman from Russia. It is not always easy but here you can find some tips on how to achieve that.


    The formula for a happy relationship contains 6 elements. If you include these elements in your life, you will live happily with the Russian partner. So, what should you do, so that the relation with Russian ladies, that realized through dating site, takes a long time?


    1. The plan for the day


    Happy spouses are trying to find out the plans of their Ukrainian girls before they leave farewell from you in the morning. Your goal is to speak with the Russian partner and to recognize what pleasant and bad things she expects from this day, what plans the Russian girl for today.


    You only need 10 minutes per week (2 minutes per day for 5 days).


    2. Meet after the job


    If you meet at the end of the day with the Ukrainian girl, embrace and kiss your Ukrainian dream woman at least 6 seconds. This is a so-called union ritual, for which one wants to come home. After the kiss, discuss with your Ukrainian girl how the day was. At this time you are able to give attention to the Polish or Russian dream woman, whom you have met through the partner agency and to create intimacy. Also, it will help you learn about the problems one encounters in everyday life.


    You need only 1 hour 40 minutes per week (20 minutes per day for 5 days per week).


    3. The recognition and admiration


    It is important to find ways to express how much you love and appreciate your Russian or Ukrainian partner. Try to find something good in your dream woman Ukraine. Every day. And do not forget to tell her about it.


    The required time: 35 minutes per week (5 minutes per day, 7 days per week).


    4. Passion


    It is important to keep in touch with each other, to demonstrate physical passion when you are near each other. Be sure to touch each other before you go to sleep. Often it is enough to embrace or kiss each other a few minutes at night. Think about these moments as a way to relieve stress that you have accumulated during the day.


    The required time: 35 minutes per week (5 minutes per day, 7 days per week).


    5. Dates


    It is important to find the time just for the two of you: in a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. During the dates, try not to think about the daily problems and concentrate on each other. You have been looking for a Ukrainian partner for a long time. And now you are both lucky!


    You need 2 hours once a week.


    6. Discussion of the problems


    One hour a week you should devote for discussing the current problems in the relationship, which helps to change the method of resolving conflicts in the couple. Thanks to this action you can express your fears and worries. The partners feel that they are loved!


    The partner agency Ukraine or Russia has given you a good chance for the happiness. You have found a wonderful dream woman. And now it is the time to do everything, so that you both have a happy marriage and so your partnership always works.